Onstage at Google Cloud Next talking about serverless

Serverless & Google Cloud

For 5 years I was on the serverless team at Google Cloud as a developer advocate. I gave 80+ public talks on 5 continents in dozens of countries and loved my time there.

My co-host Martin and I created the Serverless Toolbox video series

Serverless Toolbox

While at Google I co-created and co-hosted a series of videos called Serverless Toolbox. We explored real-world use cases for Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, App Engine, Firestore, and more.

Google Cloud Overview (2015)

This talk is from 2015 but gives a (hopefully) entertaining overview of the Google Cloud Platform.

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Online Payments Made Easy: Stripe + Rails (2013)

I recorded this video on how to integrate Stripe into your Ruby on Rails web app -- all the way back in 2013!

Summary: Racker developer Bret McGowen guides you on how to set up Stripe in your Ruby on Rails web application so that you can easily accept online payments. Follow along with the coding exercise as well. Video from 2013.

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Other videos

Check out a playlist of Bret's talks and recorded videos on YouTube.

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Other talks

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I have an alternate Twitter account at @BretMcGowen but also feel free to message me on Twitter at @BretMcG.