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My life principles are the three C's: kind, clear, and quirky. I'm a passionate full stack software developer, public speaker, frequent traveler and less frequent runner. New York City is home, and I absolutely love it here.

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Celebrities I've seen in NYC

Folks often ask who I've seen in NYC. Here's a partial list:

Professional background

Strong technical and communication skills; well-rounded experience covering a breadth of software development project roles and perspectives. Worked in a variety of environments: Google, startup, non-profit, government nuclear laboratory, University, billion-dollar enterprise, and private consulting. Successfully guided projects through the entire lifecycle, from requirements, planning, visual design, architecture, development, quality assurance, implementation and maintenance.

Developed in all tiers of the application, from database design to business logic to front end user interface programming, with an emphasis on usability and building intuitive applications.

Prior to Google, I worked in the cloud industry at Rackspace as a software engineer. Before that, I led engineering teams at an e-commerce company, non-profits and tried my hand at creating two startups. I'm often on the running trail, volleyball court or kickball field.

I've given a few Google Cloud talks at various conferences and events. From those talks, I have some of my slide decks at Bret McGowen - Google Cloud talks or see some of my code on GitHub. For example, check out my deep dive into serverless on Google Cloud (from 2018). Want to see me on stage? Here's a talk I gave on Knative + Kubernetes + Serverless, and one on serverless tools on Google Cloud. Also a DIY serverless + machine learning on Google Cloud talk that my colleague and I put together. And if you want to see one of my very first talks, here's Google Cloud overview (2015).

I'll add more previous talks to my YouTube channel @BretMcG over time.

I'm on Twitter at @BretMcG.

I earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from Texas A&M University.

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I'm also on GitHub:
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I have lived all over, from Virginia to New Mexico to Germany to Texas and New York City. I absolutely love traveling and have been to 70 countries (and counting!). I'm also an avid runner and have run 19 half marathons and 5 full marathons.

I enjoy meeting new people; check out this newspaper article of me meeting folks via an app called BarCards. It was an app created by my friend Garrett but sadly the app is no longer available.

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Gratuitous headshot

In case anybody was curious, yes I have a bigass headshot of me. Headshot photo of Bret McGowen, yes it's gigantic